Warm and heartfelt congrats to ICA, on being Employer Branding Company of the Year 2018

By 8 October, 2018News

From left to right: Frida Nordlund, Isabelle Bjerlestam, Therese Carlsson, Lotta Sandahl, Katja Danielsson, Åsa Daxberg and Camilla Ferm.

The ICA Group has received a well-deserved prize as Employer Branding Company of the year 2018. And we at Business & People are proud to have been a part of that journey. We have, in close collaborations with primarily Åsa Daxberg and Therése Carlsson, held seven focus groups that have led to a solid, honest and truthful EVP (Employer Value Proposition or Employee Value Proposition).

ICA had an EVP, but it was never used. It was lengthy, formal and quite hard to get through. And thus it was most of the time placed in a drawer. Having said this, it was still quite accurate when compared to the results from the focus groups. The largest differences were really the additions we found were needed:

That it is familiar, in the sense that it is welcoming and warm, non-prestigious and friendly while still having an incredible drive and entrepreneurial spirit – despite the size of the organization. We also found that there is an incredible sense of pride to work for ICA.

As in any other organization, the co-workers see things that can improve and become even better. But the single most important thing to improve is in reality something very positive; They want ICA to tell the world more about how great it is to work here!

We at Business & People are happy and excited to be part of implementing these results and the Employer Branding concept that has been developed.