Culture, Employer Branding and CSR – the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund now know the difference

By 6 March, 2019News

Wednesday the 6th of March, our Erik Bergström went to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and held a lecture on ‘Culture, Employer Branding and CSR’. Focus was on what culture is and what that means for organizations that have a true and strong will to be a part of change.

If you don’t know what it is that the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund do, we can tell you that they are the single largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden and work to ensure that affected children, teens and their families receive the care and support they need.

Please support them by donating to:

Plusgiro: 90 20 90-0

Bankgiro: 902-0900

If you have Swish and prefer to swish your donation, send it to 90 20 900.