Business & People develop Employee Value Proposition and concept for ICA Gruppen

By 6 July, 2018News

The collaboration between Business & People and ICA Gruppen began in April 2018 and the assignment was to further develop ICA Gruppen’s existing EVP (Employee Value Proposition). And a communication concept is also to be created.

We are naturally extremely happy to collaborate with such a huge actor on the Swedish market as ICA Gruppen, says Erik Bergström, CEO and Project Manager at Business & People. That we get the opportunity to do so in such an important area as Employer Branding, where we can contribute to ensuring that ICA Gruppen reaches people with competencies that are critical to their business and can create internal pride makes it all the more excitinge.

Seven focus groups were held within the project, with internal representatives for the target groups that ICA Gruppen needs to communicate with in order to secure that they have the right competencies to meet the future.

This is absolutely decisive to our continued success, says Åsa Daxberg, Head of Talent Attraction and Recruitment at ICA Gruppen. If we don’t have the right people, we can’t meet the needs the customers will have tomorrow. And it’s not only about competence. Personality is equally important, she continues. We need people with the right competence who want to try and make every day a little simpler – for us and for our customers.

Internal launch is expected to take place in September this year and after that it will be rolled out externally as well.


Project responsible, ICA Gruppen:

Åsa Daxberg, Head of Talent Attraction and Recruitment

Therése Carlsson, Employer Branding Specialist



Project team, Business & People:

Erik Bergström, Project Manager

Rickard Klinthäll, Copywriter

Johan Adelstål, Art Director

Erik Fredriksson, Design