Erik Bergström part of award nominated book

By 12 November, 2018News

The book ‘Employer Branding – så bygger arbetsgivare starka varumärken’ (our own translation of the title, as it is only available in Swedish, would be: Employer Branding – how employers build strong brands) has been nominated as This Year’s Marketing Book, by the Swedish Marketing Federation (Sveriges Marknadsförbund). And in it, Business & People’s own Erik Bergström has been interviewed, providing a historical setting for Employer Branding as a field of expertise and why we are where we are today.

If you want to read Erik’s chapter from the book, you’ll find it here. (Only in Swedish right now. Translation underway.)

Want to buy the book? Send a mail to and we’ll sort it out. (The book is only available in Swedish, though.)