Lay a solid foundation for your Employer Branding

If you’re about to build a house and hire a contractor to build it, you wouldn’t hire a roofer first, would you? You need to lay a strong foundation before you start building your house, or your house will fall apart. And, of course, when it concerns Employer Branding, the analysis is the foundation.

Basic knowledge to anyone within employer branding, and for many working in HR and communication too, you might argue. And yes, we are well aware that we state the obvious for a lot of people. The most important point to make though, is that once you receive the results you should feel relieved that it is confirming your perceptions and feelings – your hunch, as it were – about what your employees think about working with you. And not expect the agency or consultant to ‘come up with something’. They have to report their findings and hopefully they stick to the truth and you are in tune with your organization. The creative phase, when the communicative concept is created, is where one is supposed to ‘come up with something’. A strong concept that is easy to convey in various channels and that can be developed over time. The analysis has nothing more to do with this phase than to be a part of the foundation – together with other guiding documents.

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