Tell it like it is – as an employer

As in any communication, everything you say and picture in your employer branding efforts should stick to the truth – thus reflect how it really is working with you. It’s that simple. And that hard.

We have made employer branding analyses in the hundreds, and have met customers saying ‘Yeah, but we already know that. Couldn’t you have come up with something new?’ to the outcome. But that’s exactly it. The results of an employer branding analysis shouldn’t come as a surprise, because if it does you are out of tune with your organisation. And the consultant or agency performing the analysis would be creating lies if they ‘invented something new’. What the analysis does, on the other hand, is to help you put your feelings, or ‘vibes’, about what it is like working with you on paper and confirm them. There may be a few new insights gained from it, perhaps what should be prioritized concerning improvements, but most parts really should be things you, as an organisation, are aware of.

Ok, so now you know the truth, but how do you handle it? Well, most companies have both strong points and weaker points. The strong points should, naturally, be displayed to attract people, the weaker points – your points of improvement – could be expressed as ambitions. But only if you really have a plan to work with them, or if you already are in the process of dealing with them.

However, the analysis doesn’t do all the work. It only tells you ‘what’ to say, but it doesn’t tell you ‘how’ to communicate it. That’s what the communicative concept is for. And that’s a subject for a separate blog post.

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