Business & People supports War Child

By 26 February, 2019News

At Business & People, we believe that children are the most important asset for humankind. They’re our future. And that’s why we, for example, have decided to support the Swedish branch of the organization War Child. They do an incredibly important work with children around the globe, suffering from war.

War and armed conflicts, naturally, have a devastating effect on anyone’s life, but perhaps most on children’s lives. And for children who have suffered war to be able to come back to a normal life, process their experiences and dare to re-establish a close relationship with their family members, they need the right support.

War Child works internationally with psychosocial support, protection and education for children in war. The organization creates safe environments for children to come to and just be kids again. In specific Safe Spaces, the children can play, learn and process their traumas. The children get to learn about their rights and can share their experiences. This provides them with tools to create a future and grow up to be more whole as grown ups. In the long run, it also gives hope for a world with fewer wars and conflicts.

War Child’s international work is performed on several levels:

  • Firsthand support to the children through activities and projects in countries at war.
  • Collaborates with parents, teachers, social workers, other stakeholders as well as with national and international organizations and institutions, aiming to improve the children’s situation.
  • Opinion-forming campaigns, directed at national and international decisionmakers.

Besides supporting War Child, we have also contributed to the Swedish organization Aktiv Skola – an organization that provides information and training regarding drugs, grooming, the environment and mobbing.