As an employer, that is. Well, you often have your target group very close – internally, those already working with you. The people that are great representatives and ambassadors for you as an employer and whom you’d clone if only it were possible. And why are they your target group? Because the people you want to reach, out there in the world around you, should have the same drivers as those already working with you.

So how do you find them?

This question is not always all that easy to answer, but a good start is to do a thorough work when you do your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Use focus groups to find out about areas such as; what attracts them in an employer, what they really like about you and what they think you could improve as an employer.

A WHAT and a HOW

By doing a thorough EVP work, you find out WHAT to communicate. The next step then is to create a communicative concept that will help you define HOW you should say it – what kind of pictures to use and the textual tonality, for instance. Naturally, this concept has to fit in with and strengthen your overarching corporate brand. And then you’re ready to start producing your communication – based on the strategy you have developed.

Yes, it takes time – but it creates results

This work takes time. And it will take even more time to communicate through the right channels. But. It creates the results you need!

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