Johan Adelstål


T: +46 (0)768 900 777

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My journey began with Consumer Marketing then on to Business 2 Business and eventually landing in Business & People. It seems like a very logical path to have taken. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s greatest brands. It has taken me from small agencies with big ideas to large agencies with big brands.

Successful brands are built with strong ideas, visualising those ideas and packaging them to fit the right media channel. It’s all about storytelling. And my role at Business & People, is just that. I am a storyteller.

What I have learnt from my journey is that the people behind the brands are as important as the brand itself. Being loyal, proud and enthusiastic together with strong leadership can lift a company and move it forward.

On a personal note, my other passion apart from my work is food. Food actually consumes me, I read food, I photograph food, shop food and I cook food and I eat food, I eat with friends, family in strange restaurants and markets. Food is my story, maybe I can buy you lunch?