It is people that create business and results in any kind of operations. And that’s why we at Business & People are equally passionate about telling the world about you as an employer, using Employer Branding, as we are about helping you market your products and services.

Because it is only when you have the right people aboard that you can develop your business and reach the goals you have set. The employees you have and the employees you want are all on a journey that essentially is the same as your customers are on, in the physical world as well as digitally. And you need to make yourself buyable to them, so that they can choose you as an employer over and over again. Employer, or Employee, Branding is a field that concerns all aspects of your operations and will help you achieve positive results on the bottom line.

Planning, analysis and strategy

We can help you plan, analyze and create a strategy in order to do the right things at the right time when you communicate as an employer.

Focus groups

We can help you hold focus groups and workshops to find out any specific issue you need to explore in more depth. Naturally, you will get a report with recommendations on actions based on the outcome.

Creative concepts

Creativity is effective. And we create overarching concepts for you as an employer, heeding your corporate guidelines, as well as creative concepts for campaigns.

Inbound processes

We make sure your processes are inbound, to attract the potential employees and make sure they like, and buy into, you as well as your products and services.

Digital management services

We run your daily digital operations and create, publish and follow up on anything and everything that happens in your digital world.

48-hour open lab

Try us out by letting us come up with a creative solution and foundation for a clear, specific challenge you face.

EVP – Employer Value Proposition

We help you develop your EVP from a strong and true base – your current employees and ambassadors. The input can help you get an overarching EVP, specific EVPs for specific positions, business units or departments. (We actually prefer the term Employee Value Proposition. It’s a matter of perspective.)

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is our specialty, focusing on communicating yourself as an employer. Both are often abbreviated EB. (We prefer the term Employee Branding as it indicates an outside perspective where the employee is the more important part, though in reality both terms mean exactly the same.)


We would be happy to come and talk to you about Employee Branding, EVPs, how amazingly much you can save by retaining the people you have within your organization, how you can speed up your onboarding processes or any other EB-related subject.


Whether you reach your target groups using billboards or social media banner ads, we can help you with your campaigns.

Content production – EB

We help you create content for your social media.

Scope and objectives/Project brief

Together with you, we set the scope for each project and the goals for what we want to achieve with it. What the purpose for each project is. And then we create a brief.


We do research, analyze and interpret a variety of information as well as develop ideas and pinpoint business problems to be able to keep the outside view on you, and to steer the projects right from the recipients’ points of view.

Analysis and strategy

We provide analyses that will help you stand out from the competition and will help you convey the right and true picture of yourself as an employer. We also form a strategy to stick to, in order to do the right things at the right time to reach your communication goals.

Creative concept

The creative concept is a platform for all your communication as an employer. It states what kind of pictures you should use, what tone of voice to use in your texts, colors and so on. All based on your corporate guidelines.


We help you produce any communicative unit you need; from banners, social media campaigns and inbound marketing to billboards, films and brochures.

Internal launch

It doesn’t have to be big but it has to be part of the plan. Your colleagues are your best ambassadors and sales reps so make sure they’re onboard. We help you plan and execute.

External launch

Trade shows, videos, ads, product sheets, events, Adwords… It all has to come together, be produced, procured and distributed and tracked. We can help you all the way, from scope and brief to production and digital media placement.

Tracking and analysis

We believe in working target oriented in an analysis/data driven process. That’s why we make sure that KPI’s and metrics are set up, Analytics installed and in sync with HubSpot, LinkedIn and physically distributed units. We offer full digital implementation and analysis services.

Management and content

Production and management of your own channels such as Facebook, LikedIn, Instagram or your own web site need to be in sync with your plans and communication efforts. We help you secure this in a cost effective way.

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