We believe that…


Business is people

Your company brand and employer brand are inseparable because people buy into people, as business culture and as business partner alike.


A sales process is a buying process

It’s never really about you first, it’s always about Me first. And Me will make most of the journey towards you by myself, anyway, anyhow and anytime I happen to feel like it. Perspective!



We are ALWAYS members of a group and WE ALWAYS act in/on self-interest. They are equally important. However, Group memberships change but self-interest does not, so there’s always a new beginning around the corner.


People buy for a reason

If there’s no reason for Me to buy you I won’t and that reason is personal reward and/or status. Making me invest my time and focus on you when there’s no real reason for it is an insult and makes me dislike you over time.



Communication is the only way. But 70% is digital. Because the buying process is complex. It has many possible touchpoints, takes time and is subject to outside influence. That’s why there isn’t ONE angel, channel or method that will get the job done.


Always on display, always naked

You will be compared, evaluated and validated. Sometime in channels you control, sometimes by people you never met and sometimes by imagination. So if you don’t tell your story someone else will.



Your internal communication is your external communication and your external communication your internal communication. Some of it you own and control and some of it you don’t.


The InExternal world has five corners

Your arena and the channels you operate are co-owned by Marketing, HR and Sales, and External Communication and Internal Communication. Whether you like it or not. If you really want to see results, start cooperating.


Attention must be rewarded

ALWAYS reward My attention with a laugh, the satisfaction of solving the puzzle or a moment of beauty. Make sure you’ve done YOUR homework and know me, ensure quality in content, creativity and execution.


Action must be Profitable - ALWAYS

ALWAYS reward time I invest in YOU with something of real substance. An actual job, knowledge that really aids me, a chance to build my career, help solving a business problem, a discount…


Action is everything

Purpose, objective and planning is more. Just doing stuff won’t get the job done. Doing stuff is easy. Doing stuff for a reason and making it work for you over time towards a defined target in a controlled and evaluated process is difficult. But WILL get the job done. Action is everything, but it never comes first.


It’s rational to rely on emotions

The world is operated with COMMUNICATION. If you want to be successful you need to be able to make me feel just right, that you are the best choice, the ONE. If you do it great you win, if you don’t…