We are a communications agency that believe in the power of creative ideas and combining strategic insights within B2B advertising with Employer Branding.

At Business & People, we make co-workers, business and brands grow.

Why B2B and Employer Branding? Because business and culture are two sides of the same coin; created by and for people in a world that now revolves around being bought because someone chooses to buy. To us, the customer journey and the employee journey are twins – and the only way to be bought and bought again.

Keeping our eye on that journey, we base everything on the obvious; that we are all members of different groups. Groups that affect us and shift, always replaceable, but with a self-centred constant ‘Me’.

Regardless of whether it concerns a company’s culture or services, the most important question is ‘What’s in it for me?’. And it is only when that question is adequately answered in all channels and touchpoints of choice – my network, Facebook, the manager I meet, in the business case or at my home  – that you can be bought.

Trough strong ideas and strategies, creative advertising, effective Inbound Marketing and goal-oriented digital and video content production, we set the stage for you to succeed in creating value-adding relationships with, and be bought by, the people you want to reach.



12 November, 2018

Erik Bergström part of award nominated book

12 October, 2018 in News

Photoshoot for Telia Wholesale

Business & People got the assignment to find a photo solution that would illustrate what businesses Telia Wholesale can be of great service to. We found a solution that meant…
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12 October, 2018 in News

Erik Bergström, Business & People, talked about Employer Branding at Connect Sweden

On Thursday 11 Oct, Erik met with their alumni network. They are companies that have taken part in FöretagsAcceleratorn (the BusinessAccelerator) and want the opportunity to continued support, knowledge and…
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8 October, 2018 in News

Warm and heartfelt congrats to ICA, on being Employer Branding Company of the Year 2018

From left to right: Frida Nordlund, Isabelle Bjerlestam, Therese Carlsson, Lotta Sandahl, Katja Danielsson, Åsa Daxberg and Camilla Ferm.The ICA Group has received a well-deserved prize as Employer Branding Company of…
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24 September, 2018 in News

Free seminars on Employer Branding in collaboration with TeamTailor

We at Business & People, in collaboration with Teamtailor, invite you to a cost-free crash course in Employer Branding. All in all. There will be three breakfasts and one evening…
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Why a Manifesto, isn’t that very 1848?

No, quite the opposite. It’s what happens when you’ve planted your boots and thought firmly about the times you live in… and really start believing in why you do what you do. If you want to you can read about what we believe in here.

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Together with our extended family we can offer you solutions that range from cost effective but relevant content production over digital tracking, analysis and media placement to in depth dives into customer AND employee journeys.

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